Reflecting Road Stud Installation and Removal

Covering Northern and Southern England, and Scotland.

Reflecting Road Stud Installation and Removal

Keep drivers safe on your roads and highways with our range of reflecting and non reflecting road studs.

During the night, severe weather conditions and heavy fog.

Browse our range of road studs that come in a selection of colours that comply with UK Road Safety Legislation.

Our specialist team provides a complete package for your roads and surfaces from repairs, markings, installing and removing road studs. Save your time and budget by working with one team throughout the whole process.

Know which road stud you need:


Use white road studs in the centre of roads to align with white road markings as well as lane markings, double white lines and traffic islands.


Use red road studs to highlight the boundary of the hard shoulder on motorways and the highway boundary on dual carriageways.


Use green road studs to identify slip roads and junction exits.


Use amber road studs to highlight the boundary of the central reservations and motorways and dual carriageways.

See below our range of road studs that we currently offer:


We offer traditional cast steel-based road studs with reflective inserts in rubber mounts.

Domed Glass

Our domed glass road studs are maintenance-free and a durable solution.


Our reflective road studs provide ultimate safety and awareness for transport on your roads and surfaces. We also provide these road studs as adhesives.

Pedestrian crossing studs

Choose from our selection of road studs in stainless steel or aluminium for pedestrian crossing areas and lane guidance.

Solar Powered

We offer quality solar powered road studs in white or red.

Why Choose Us?

We’re a family-run business that has a glowing reputation working with local authorities, councils and private companies

Our specialist team boasts 35 years experience in the industry

UK’s largest independent UK road marking contractor

Our team can work on a range of indoor and outdoor surfaces including: roads, airports, playgrounds, car parks and factory flooring.

We strive to use environmentally-friendly materials and techniques whilst still maintaining an efficient and high quality process. For instance, when we are retexturing road surfaces, we use an industry-leading and environmentally-friendly hydroblasting process to remove the road surface.

Of course! We are proud to have over 35 years experience working with local authorities such as Durham County Council and local primary schools.

Yes – our team will visit your site prior to the project starting to fully understand the work that needs to be done. You can book your free site visit online today.

We have two branches of Coupe Line, head office is based in the heart of the North East of England and Coupe Line Southern is based in Hampshire, we operate seasonal depots across the north east of Scotland.

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