North Park Primary School

Colourful and multi-functional markings

Project Overview

North Park Primary School wanted new, colourful and multi-functional markings for their outdoor playground area. The markings had to be vibrant, interactive and engaging for the pupils at North Park Primary School as well as being durable for future pupils to enjoy.

Our team used paint and pre-form materials to ensure the markings were installed to a high standard and have long-lasting colour and vibrancy.

Project Aim

To install playground markings for the pupils at North Park Primary school to enjoy.


Deliver vibrant, creative and multi-functional markings that the pupils can interact with safely whilst they are spending time in the playground.

How We Did It

Our team used a “pram” to install the vibrant paintworks and used a lance to bond the pre-form material to the surface.


Our team worked efficiently to deliver the pupils of North Park Primary School a range of highly colourful and engaging playground markings that they can enjoy for a long time.

“The playground markings are lovely and the children are really enjoying them. They make a huge difference to the playground. I would be interested in possibly getting some quotes from you about improving other areas of the school grounds with some more markings in the near future too.”

North Park Primary School