Blue Car Park, Metrocentre, Gateshead

Project Overview

Our clients at the Metrocentre wanted their Blue Car Park relined after just recently being resurfaced. The team would have to maximise the space to allow for a large volume of cars to park in the space, due to the size of the shopping centre it is attached to, whilst also maintaining a nice flow for cars to weave through when entering and exiting the car park.

Project Aim

Reline a newly resurfaced car park for the Metrocentre.


Our team used red, white and yellow thermoplastic lines for the car park design.

How We Did It

Our lining team used white thermoplastic to create the parking bays, single and double-headed arrows, junctions and lettering. Yellow thermoplastic was used for the disabled bays and No Parking cross-hatching and the red thermoplastic was used for the double lining throughout the car park.


Our team delivered an efficient lining service that resulted in a neat and highly functional car park to cater to the large shopping centre. This car park is now open and available for customer use.